When it comes to making sales there are some traits that really define if the person will excel at their job or not. Knowing these traits can help a current salesperson look for areas to improve. Not mention, these traits can be helpful when evaluating a sales team too. Without further ado, here are 10 quality traits a salesperson should have straight from the Nerds.


When it comes to sales, a person needs to be confident in themselves. They need to be able to market and sell their products or services successfully. They need to be able to trust their abilities to do their job effectively.

 Communications Skills  

This one is an absolute must. Communicating with customers about products and services aids in closing on deals. If customers get confused by anything, a salesperson needs to be able to resolve any concerns and confusion.


Most salespeople will have quotes and goals these need to meet daily, weekly, and monthly. A person must be able to self-motivate themselves in order to achieve these objectives.


This ties into ambition. Since a salesperson will have tasks that they will need to complete, there is a level of independence that is needed. A salesperson must be able to manage their daily tasks. They have to be great at working on their own.

 Tough Skin 

Sometimes a sale does not go as planned. A customer could be particularly difficult or sales numbers are just down. This should not hold back a salesperson from achieving their objectives for the day. They should be able to take a breath and jump right back into work.


A salesperson job requires talking to people day in and day out. They need to be able to generate great first impressions. Being personable goes a long way to make a sale.


Don’t be afraid to take risks, if you are a salesperson. A great salesperson will be able to take matters into their own hands. If there is a will there is a way and a salesperson will be able to negotiate a deal.


Dealing with people requires a solid level of empathy. A salesperson needs to be able to understand their customers. Understanding their emotions, thoughts, and feelings is a great way to discover what a customer is looking for.


Some customers will require more time and effort than others to get a sale made. This just requires a little extra patience on the salesperson’s end. A great salesperson will persevere through difficulties to get the job done.


Don’t be afraid to get creative. Not every situation is going to have a straight forward solution. A salesperson should be able to think outside the box.


Being honest is the best approach when talking to customers. Lying about deals and services can end up hurting valuable relationships. This could end up costing just more than one client.


Being a salesperson can be a difficult job at times. It will not always be smooth sailing. Thus, commitment to the job is a great quality to have. These people like to set high expectations for themselves and work hard to meet them. 


In conclusion, these 10 traits will make a quality salesperson. All of these together can help make the best salesperson for the job.




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