Rules for Closing Online Insurance Leads

Many agents are buying online insurance leads every single day. The insurance industry has jumped on the bandwagon of the online lead generation process. However, just like with everything, there are advantages and disadvantages to doing this. Starting with the positives, online leads can serve as an excellent tool for reaching a new client base. The biggest disadvantage is that with online leads becoming more popular the marketplace has become crowded. This means that only the most strategic sales agents will be able to reap all the rewards. When it comes to buying online, agents will have to think creatively when it comes to their closing strategies. Here are some tips for closing online insurance leads.

Be There First 

Potential prospects don’t like waiting around. When they fill out an online form, they know that they will receive a lot of calls. If you are the last agent that gets a hold of a prospect, don’t expect to convert that lead into a sale. The longer you wait, your window of opportunity gets smaller and smaller. To be successful you want to reach this prospect ASAP. However, being the first agent doesn’t do any good if you don’t have some sort of strategy to impress them. You want to wow the prospect with a simple sales pitch and a follow-up to get in touch by email. 

Follow Up 

After contacting a prospect, a solid sales agent knows that’s not the final step in nailing a sale. After a phone call is done, shoot them an email detailing the important information. Prospects have an easier time processing the information if they have some time to read over it. 

Now, a common rookie mistake is giving a prospect too much time. If you don’t hear back from them, follow up with a phone call or another email. If you are a sales agent that actively tries to engage with prospects you already have a leg up on a majority of other sale agents. About 61% of sale agents don’t follow up on leads that come their way. 

It’s important to mention that there is a fine between being an attentive sales agent and an annoying problem. When following up, don’t be too persistent. In the event of a prospect expressing their desire to not be contacted, honor this wish. 

Think Like A Customer 

Potential prospects are going to comparison shop for insurance. When it comes to swaying a customer’s mind, you have to think like a customer. You have to view the buying process in a way that mimics a prospect’s brain. If you have a solid understanding of where the sales opportunities lie along the buying process, you have an advantage over other sales agents. Most of the time, customers are shopping for cheaper deals. However, this is not always the case. As a sales agent, you need to understand a prospect’s needs and preferences to truly nail a sale. It’s an effective way that helps with closing online leads. 

Make Yourself Invaluable 

When you are talking to a prospective customer, it’s always a good idea to be an active listener. Not only that, make it clear, to the person on the phone, that you are invested in establishing their satisfaction. In order to achieve this, you will have to know your stuff. So, be up to date on rates, information, legislation, and any future changes that will affect the prospect. Informing a prospect of all the valuable information helps establish a level of trust. In doing so, a prospect will feel more comfortable with you. Any insurance worries they might have had will start drifting away. It’s much easier closing insurance leads when they see you as a personal guide on their path to success.


When it comes to handling online insurance leads a sales agent will need to be strong and creative in their strategies. Since the market has become over-saturated, you’ll need to stand out from other agents. You need to be engaged and self-disciplined throughout the whole process. Utilize these tips for closing online leads, and you’ll be closing deals left and right.


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